Centrale Nantes, May (26) 27-29 2009

4th SPHERIC workshop


The main deadlines of the workshop are

Abstract submission

Abstracts should be 1 page long and include one illustrative result (comparison to reference solutions will be appreciated). Submission in pdf format will be made via email to 4thSPHERIC@ec-nantes.fr before February 18th, 2009.

Paper submission

After notification of accepted abstract, authors should prepare their full 8-page paper according to the template. It is important to NOT put any page number in the paper. It is also recommended not to spend too much space on standard SPH equations on the paper, since readers are assumed to already know basics of SPH. Papers will be submitted in pdf format via email to 4thSPHERIC@ec-nantes.fr

Template .doc: here

Template latex: here

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